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2 pm Letting today

The letting for Polk County has run into an issue receiving the email containing the electronic "key" we use to open the bids. We must re-key at the county level AFTER the close of bids. Because of that, we will need bidders to also re-key their submitted bid.
Please make sure you have your bid key that was downloaded when creating your bid, as you will need to submit it again to bidVAULT after the bidding closes for your bid to be considered.
Today, at 2:00pm, the project bidding will close. At that time, please login to bidVAULT and upload your project bid key under 'My Bids.' The link to rekey will display after the county rekeys the project and it is ready for you to submit your key.
If you no longer have the key file that was downloaded, you can rekey your bid, but you will want to do this asap as rekeying will delete your previously entered bid data. If you need a new key you will also need to re-enter and finish the bid prior to the bid closing or your bid will not be available to the county.


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